Fleece - our Soays (browns and creams) and Borerays (cream and tan) shed their fleece naturally - but the best quality fleece has to be collected by 'rooing' or hand pulling. Soay fleece is soft, fine and a delight to spin - it is similar to Shetland fleece.

Our Hebridians (black and ginger) are shorn yearly - usually in late May or early June. The fleece is ideal for carding and hand spinning - and the colour and texture is all natural!

£2 per kilo shorn fleece - buyer must arrange collection. We don't make a profit on our fleece - the charge goes to cover the shearing costs.

Contact us if you want to gather fleece yourself.

Phone for availability 07708 352 872 or email sales@holfordfarm.com

We’d be grateful for any photos of the resultant garments this lovely, natural wool produces!

fleece-heb-drying Hebridean fleece drying in the breeze...

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