Soay are unlike any other sheep, being the most primitive native breed classified as "vulnerable" on the RBST survival watch list. Originating from the remote St Kilda archipelago some 50 miles west of the Outer Hebrides.

Soay sheep are small, almost deer-like, about one-third the size of domestic sheep.

They are intelligent, nimble animals with excellent mothering habits. They are excellent conservation grazers, being content in woodland and on hillsides. Lambing intervention is very rarely required.

The meat is lean with a delicious flavour.

The self-shedding fleece is sought after for many crafts. The classic Soay coat colour is Dark Wild which features a light belly and rump coat pattern. Dark Self is the same colour all over.

Other varieties both have a lighter coat colour; Light Wild are a lighter colour all over, and Light Self also has an even lighter belly and rump.

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